Having abolished the Community Health Councils in December 2003, the NHS abolished the Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) forums in 2008.

They will be replaced by County-wide Local Involvement Networks (LINks). To summarise, LINks will have three components (i) it will be directed by an elected Stewardship Group of 15 (ii) it will be supported by a “host organisation” with a staff of 4 (iii) membership will be open to the public.home_clinic_offer_4

The risk in these new structures is that they will be too remote, & that Mid Sussex will not be represented. In an effort to ensure representation for Mid Sussex, the PPI for Mid Sussex (the Central Sussex Independent Patients’ Forum) has agreed two nominations for the Stewardship Group, namely Tony Reynolds (Chairman) & Patrick Shanahan (committee member).

As the membership of the Stewardship Group will be determined by a ballot of the membership, I’m writing to enlist your support, to encourage you to register at LINks for free membership by the deadline of 27th February, and to vote for Tony & Patrick. You may become a member of LINks by

registering at www.makesachange.org.uk

 emailing contact@makesachange.org.uk

telephoning 0300 111 0102

writing to  

Freepost Business Reply Service,
Licence No. BH1902
The Pokesdown Centre
896 Christchurch Road

Voting will take place during March. To ensure you have a vote, please register by the end of February. Ballot papers will be posted to members in early March.

Thank you.