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"A triumph for Mid Sussex people power" as A&E and maternity services saved at Princess Royal

Accident and Emergency and consultant-led maternity services at the Princess Royal Hospital in Haywards Heath have been saved after a three long community campaign against NHS West Sussex's plans to downgrade the hospital.

Local MPs launched the campaign in summer 2006 to fight the downgrading of the PRH and asked the whole community to get involved and help them fight for the high quality hospital facilities needed in Mid Sussex and the surrounding area.

Now, three years later, the campaign has succeeded thanks to a 71,000 signature petition, two marches and rallies attended by 7,500 (in 2006) and 14,000 people (in 2007), a candlelight vigil and public meetings attended by hundreds.

Mid Sussex MP Nicholas Soames, who launched the campaign, said: "the truth is that when the Support the Princess Royal Hospital campaign started nobody believed that it would be possible to retain a full Accident and Emergency service at the PRH as well as our essential maternity services. I am so proud of what Mid Sussex people have achieved in this memorable and wonderful campaign".

dr. Jessica Doloren

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dr. Jennifer Jayski

Specialist therapist

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dr. Celine Majsky


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